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The Midweek Mix – 03/02/16 – Determination

We did it! We survived January!

What nobody tells you though, is that February can also be a bit dark and dreary. All your new year’s resolutions are long forgotten, your dreams of 2016 being “your year” are slowly slipping away and you’ve probably decided that hiding under your duvet until Spring is an adequate life plan. You are wrong.

What you really need is a determination playlist with a healthy serving of cheese. You’re welcome.

Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

This song is an instant mood changer for me. Jess Glynne forces me to get out of my seat, dance around the room and put a positive spin on whatever rubbish might have been occupying my brain before. Sure, it might be about getting together with someone rather than being a Destiny’s Child-style independent lady, but hey, you can be strong and determined with someone by your side too. The “I CAN DO THIS” feeling is undeniable.

Arthur Beatrice – Midland

This might not be an obvious choice but I have obscured the lyrics in this song so far that it has become something of a determination classic for me. Rather than the “go get ‘em” feeling of many determination songs, Midland focuses instead on being steady, calm, standing your ground, and being stronger inside than you will ever outwardly appear.
I’ll never move, I’ll never move, I’ll always be so still.
I’ll never grow, I’ll never grow, as tall and fierce as me.
Heaven knows it’s probably not what Arthur Beatrice were getting at, but it works for me.

Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

A classic! Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now brings back memories of singing along to this 80s classic at university club nights and bar extensions in a huge group of friends. Being in such a large, yet close friendship group is the closest I’ve ever felt to the “young and invincible” feeling that is always talked about. I felt like nothing could break us and I couldn’t really see past that time or imagine life post-university. It felt like everything to be there, just singing and dancing with friends.

Wolf Alice – Blush

For me, this song is all about having the confidence to turn your back on the things that make you unhappy, be who you really are, and go find your own potential.
Don’t chicken out, it’s all good, you’re allowed, to be what you could.

S Club 7 – Reach

A determination song I grew up on! This gets every 90s child jumping to the dance floor and believing that they really can reach for the stars. It’s a throwback to a time when you really did think anything was possible. You could be a firefighter on Monday, a ballerina on Tuesday and a brain surgeon on Wednesday. Go 90s you!

What are your determination classics?

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The Midweek Mix – 25/11/15

A Midweek Mix dominated by female vocals this week!

Adele – When We Were Young

Ok, so we’ve all heard Hello and it’s great, but When We Were Young is something else. Adele has a way of climbing into my head and heart and shaking everything up. Critics say 25 is a boring album because it’s just like the last one? I say, BRILLIANT, I loved the last one! I have so much respect for Adele and I’m in awe of her ability to be so successful without giving constant interviews or letting the media take over her life.

Wolf Alice – Matilda (alt-J cover)

I love Wolf Alice. I love alt-J. I love this cover.

Daughter – Numbers

I am always excited to hear a new single from Daughter. Everything they create is poetic, sincere and elegant.

Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets

NEW LORDE! She remains the coolest 19-year-old around.

Chvrches – Empty Threat

I’ve spoken before about how much of a fan I am of Glaswegian, synth-loving Chvrches and their new album, Every Open Eye. On Friday I will be starting my five-day birthday celebrations at their Ally Pally gig and I can’t wait. My electro dancing shoes are ready!

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The Midweek Mix – 23/09/15

Here are the five tracks you need to hear this week.

Sunflower Bean – I Hear Voices

Rocky psychedelia from New York’s most promising new band.

Wolf Alice – Baby Ain’t Made Of China

A new-old song from Wolf Alice and one of the best B-sides I’ve heard for a long time.
Oh love me, make me better, and wash those tears away.

Battles – The Yabba

Who needs vocals when you have absurd music and an absurd video to match?

Chvrches – Clearest Blue

Let’s face it, I just love everything Chvrches are putting out at the moment.
Will you meet me more than halfway up?

Foals – Mountain At My Gate

I have really rediscovered my love of Foals with their new material from What Went Down. Such a great sound.

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The Midweek Mix – 16/09/15 – Live Lounge Special

Long gone are the days when I’d listen to Radio 1’s Live Lounge every morning of the school holidays or over revision during study leave, but I have been loving Live Lounge month so, in its honour, here are some of the best LL covers from this year!

Wolf Alice – Steal My Girl (One Direction)

Nobody expected Wolf Alice to cover One Direction, but here they are with maximum echo.

Slaves – Go (The Chemical Brothers)

Slaves are masters of the cover version. They make every song sound like their own. See also: Skepta’s Shut Down Slaves-style.

Chvrches – Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake)

A Noughties classic turns Scottish and synthtastic.

Lucy Rose – Bad Blood (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift has been covered a lot in the Live Lounge recently, but this beautiful, simple cover of Bad Blood is my favourite by far. I particularly love the change from ‘band aids’ to ‘plasters’.

Ella Henderson – Hold Back the River (James Bay)

Finally, a cover that is far from inventive, but is brilliant anyway. Ella Henderson is very easy to love — Ghost is the only good song I can remember coming out of The X Factor in recent years — and a great voice plus a great song always equals greatness!

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The Midweek Mix – 01/07/15 – Glastonbury Highlights

This week’s Midweek Mix is dedicated to the wonder that is Worthy Farm! Here are my top ten Glastonbury 2015 sets:

Jungle – Platoon
Jungle are a great festival band, and the child breakdancer made them even more entertaining than usual.

Patti Smith – People Have the Power
In a set very similar to the one I saw at Field Day, Patti Smith took us back to a time when music felt more revolutionary! She seemed very at home at Glastonbury.

Wolf Alice – Bros
Fresh from their debut album release, Wolf Alice delivered a more confident performance than last year’s John Peel Stage set, complete with plenty of crowd surfing!

Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This
There’s something about seeing so many people moving together that always gives me the goosebumps!

Slaves – The Hunter
Slaves are just hilarious.

Florence + The Machine – Ship to Wreck
It was great to see Florence bounding around the stage again, post-foot injury, and I loved her shout out to Dave Grohl in the form of a Times Like These cover.

Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever
I almost broke my toe dancing around my room to Not Nineteen Forever during Glasto 2014, and they delivered another fun set this year!

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were
A very calm but powerful performance from Ben Howard.

The Chemical Brothers – Saturate
Not my usual taste, but I remain totally mesmerised by The Chemical Brothers’ light show.

The Who – My Generation
Bringing Sunday night to a close, you can’t really go wrong with The Who… even all these years later!

The Midweek Mix will be taking a little break next week, but you can get your weekly music fix watching the full Glastonbury sets over on iPlayer!

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The Midweek Mix – 24/06/15 – Best Albums of 2015 (so far!)

We’re halfway through 2015, so this week’s Midweek Mix is dedicated to my favourite albums of the year so far!

Wolf Alice – Freazy
From My Love is Cool

Florence + The Machine – What Kind of Man
From How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Brandon Flowers – Lonely Town
From The Desired Effect

Slaves – Live Like an Animal
From Are You Satisfied?

Drenge – Running Wild
From Undertow

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The Midweek Mix – 10/06/15

Bit of a mixed bag tonight!

Wolf Alice – You’re A Germ

Less than two weeks to go until their debut album and Wolf Alice are gracing the cover of NME, almost selling out Brixton Academy three months in advance, and being played on Radio 1 daily. This album is going to be huge.

Fehm – Hand To Mouth

Fehm are the first new band I’ve discovered and immediately loved in recent months. Hand to Mouth rolls forward with just the right amount of menace.

Kwabs – Wrong or Right

One of my favourites from the BBC Sound of 2015, Wrong or Right still sounds great.

Honeyblood – Super Rat

Another new discovery for this week! I absolutely love Super Rat and will soon be singing along to these hilarious lyrics:
You’re the smartest rat in the sewer,
You know all the nooks and the cracks,
to allure, unsuspecting mice
they don’t have to think twice,
you are the smartest rat in the sewer!

Of Monsters and Men – Hunger

Of Monster and Men can do no wrong in my ears. Another beautiful song and fantastic lyric video. Time to download the album, I think!

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The Midweek Mix – 06/05/15

I am constantly abstracting random lyrics and putting my own meaning on them, often completely out of context of the rest of the song. This week’s midweek mix is a selection of five songs that, to me, somehow relate to change, whether it’s about a fear of change or an inspiration for change.

Swim Deep – One Great Song and I Could Change the World

This new single from Swim Deep suggests a new direction for them. I wasn’t sold on it immediately, but it has grown on me. Less chipper, more intergalactic.

Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me

Sheffield-based Slow Club asking what the future holds for a relationship. Will we persevere, or will we move on?

Or will we stay forever, neither of us feeling better?
Do I find something new, or keep suffering you?

Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

A classic from Noah and the Whale, reminding us that whatever happens, life goes on.

Lorde – Ribs (Live on Letterman)

This is possibly my favourite album track from Lorde’s debut. Her whole album encapsulates the feeling of being a teenager so well, but this song in particular really captures the fear of growing up, gaining responsibilities and losing who you are.

I want it back (I want it back)
The minds we had (the minds we had).

Wolf Alice – Blush

This song has unexpectedly become one that motivates me and keeps my head up. A reminder that we can be what we want to be and do what we want to do.

Don’t chicken out, it’s all good
You’re allowed to be what you could.

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BBC Sound of 2015 – Top Picks

With only a couple of days to go until the BBC Sound of 2015 top spot is announced, here are my top five picks from this year’s nominees:


Kwabs is 2015’s answer to Sohn. Big, soulful, bass-heavy vocals coupled with synthetic beats. A genuinely interesting sound, which is exactly what this list should be about.


The internet is all over Holly Fletcher, aka Låpsley, and for good reason. Think writing your essay in the library at 4am, think late nights at work, think staying out all night and catching the first eerily empty tube home, think sleepless nights. This is the best combination of beautiful vocals and bedroom mixing for the perfect late night atmosphere.

Rae Morris

Rae Morris has already found herself in the spotlight thanks to collaborations with Clean Bandit, but she’s now proving that she’s got her own thing going on. Disappointingly, her voice seems to be better than some of her songs, but there’s something gripping about Do You Even Know? that is screaming out potential.


Where’s Your Car Debbie? has been going around my head for months and I love it. Following in the footsteps of Drenge and Royal Blood in the current trend of ‘two men making loads of noise’, these guys are welcome to attempt to burst my eardrums whenever they please. I can’t wait to catch them live.

Wolf Alice

No surprises here! Wolf Alice have been a huge part of the soundtrack to my 2013 and 2014, and with their debut album finally on the way this year, I won’t be falling out of love with them any time soon. Once you hear Giant Peach live at one of their gigs, you will know it to be true: Wolf Alice are The Sound of 2015.

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Glastonbury 2014 Catch Up – Five Sets Not to Miss

Festival season is in full swing and with full length Glastonbury sets on iPlayer for the next three weeks, there’s no excuse not to pitch up a tent in your garden and keep that Worthy Farm spirit alive. Here’s my lowdown on the top five sets not to miss:

5. Royal Blood

These Brighton boys are quickly becoming one of my favourite bands of 2014. Their loud but clean, structured sound begins the general trend of this blog post: ‘If it’s on the John Peel stage, it’s probably great.’

4. Kasabian

I was definitely guilty of underestimating Kasabian and completely forgot how many great, headline-worthy songs they’ve produced over the years. They were unexpectedly perfect Sunday night headliners, making enough noise to wake up bleary-eyed festival goers and completely convincing me of their mad brilliance from the calls of ‘MOSH PIT, MOSH PIT, MOSH PIT’ 52 minutes in, leading into the definite high point of the set: Club Foot.

Pete Paphides summed up their performance perfectly in this tweet:

3. Drenge

These two brothers from Castleton make so much noise, and it’s no secret that I have completely fallen for the grunge sound of the Loveless men. Bloodsports was, as ever, a highlight:

2. London Grammar

Closing the John Peel Stage on Sunday evening and bringing a tear to my eye, London Grammar provided my favourite headline set by far. It is undeniable that I am always slightly emotional to see the end of Glastonbury weekend. It is one of the main ‘markers’ in my year, making me inevitably reflect on the year gone by and mourn the fact that every other weekend is not full of live music on TV. But even without these outside emotions coming into play, the angelic voice of Hannah Reid rarely leaves a dry eye. Breathtaking is always the word I come back to with London Grammar, and it was just as applicable as ever on Sunday. A beautiful and impressive set.

1. Wolf Alice

Yes, I am biased, but it’s not everyday your housemate plays the John Peel stage. And it’s certainly not everyday that a band show such honesty on stage from their first song nerves, right through to the pure joy, gratitude and respect for quite how cool it is to be playing Glastonbury. This honesty and good attitude is just the cherry on the top of the best cake you’ve ever eaten, because their sound is just fantastic. And I truly believe I’d be saying this with or without any connection to them. Just listen to the shiver-inducing start of Blush, that incredible cover of Wicked Game, and the head-banging energy of Fluffy. Great things lie ahead.

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