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The Midweek Mix – 21/10/15

A solemn Midweek Mix this evening:

Daughter – Doing the Right Thing

This video brought a tear to my eye the first time I saw it. A sombre portrayal of the effect of dementia on family life.

Of Monsters and Men – Thousand Eyes

I am still in love with every one of these lyric videos from Beneath the Skin. This one is creepy and goosebump-inducing.

Andy Shauf – I’m Not Falling Asleep

Canadian Andy Shauf is the master of mellow elegance.

Peacock Affect – The Drowning

Beautiful simplicity from George Holman, aka Peacock Affect.

The xx – VCR

Brightening things up very slightly is The xx’s fragile classic, VCR.

I wanna find myself by the sea,
In another’s company,
By the sea.

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The Midweek Mix – 02/09/15

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

It is imperative that we get excited about a new Taylor Swift video. Any self-respecting music fan can see that 1989 is not a guilty pleasure, it’s just absolutely perfect pop.

Foals – London Thunder

I haven’t really been hugely excited about Foals since I was obsessed with Total Life Forever quite a few years ago now, but hearing London Thunder has changed that. It’s fantastic.

Of Monsters And Men – Empire

Yep, them again! As I’m sure you’ve come to realise, I really, really love Of Monsters and Men. This week I read Emily Carroll’s Through the Woodsa magnificently creepy collection of graphic short stories with them as my soundtrack. A perfect combination.

Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

Easy-listening, jazz club-inspired hypnotism. This is Lana Del Rey at her best.

Shopping – Why Wait

My new discovery of the week! Shopping are a post-punk London band who accidentally found themselves making anti-consumerist music.

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The Midweek Mix – 19/08/15

Of Monsters and Men – Empire

I am still loving everything I hear from Beneath the Skin. I’d love them to make these great black and white videos for the whole album.

Chvrches – Never Ending Circles

Another track from Chvrches’ new album out in September. This one’s definitely a grower.

Hinds – Chili Town

Spanish band Hinds admittedly sound a little screechy over this seemingly laid-back tune, but it works perfectly with the lyrics:
I am flirting with this guy, just to pretend I’m fine.
Saliva mixed with lies.

Pixx – Fall In

Pixx, a 19-year-old Brit school graduate, is definitely one to watch.

Baby Strange – Trouble

Glaswegian trio, Baby Strange, have a sort of accessible grittiness to them that really appeals. I can see them becoming a new favourite.

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The Midweek Mix – 10/06/15

Bit of a mixed bag tonight!

Wolf Alice – You’re A Germ

Less than two weeks to go until their debut album and Wolf Alice are gracing the cover of NME, almost selling out Brixton Academy three months in advance, and being played on Radio 1 daily. This album is going to be huge.

Fehm – Hand To Mouth

Fehm are the first new band I’ve discovered and immediately loved in recent months. Hand to Mouth rolls forward with just the right amount of menace.

Kwabs – Wrong or Right

One of my favourites from the BBC Sound of 2015, Wrong or Right still sounds great.

Honeyblood – Super Rat

Another new discovery for this week! I absolutely love Super Rat and will soon be singing along to these hilarious lyrics:
You’re the smartest rat in the sewer,
You know all the nooks and the cracks,
to allure, unsuspecting mice
they don’t have to think twice,
you are the smartest rat in the sewer!

Of Monsters and Men – Hunger

Of Monster and Men can do no wrong in my ears. Another beautiful song and fantastic lyric video. Time to download the album, I think!

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The Midweek Mix – 13/05/15

Here are the five songs you need to hear this week:

Cattle & Cane – Come Home

I was obsessed with Sold My Soul back in 2012, so I’m very glad to see some new material from these Teesside siblings. With their debut album out in the autumn, this might just be their year.

Brandon Flowers – Lonely Town

Brandon Flowers seems to have really found his solo sound with his second album and is drawing on classic 80s hits and his beloved Pet Shop Boys for some electro-inspiration. I am loving synth-filled Lonely Town.

Peace – Gen Strange

Despite being released back in February, the funky Gen Strange is going to sound so good in the sun. Watch out for Peter Crouch in the video.

Slaves – Cheer Up London

Slaves’ video appropriately appeared online last Friday when there were many post-election glum faces on the tube.

Cheer up London! Mind the gap!

Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

I adore Of Monsters and Men’s first album and I’m so excited for their second. The beautiful vocals coming out of the bearded man in this video send shivers down my spine. Wonderful.

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