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The Midweek Mix – 25/11/15

A Midweek Mix dominated by female vocals this week!

Adele – When We Were Young

Ok, so we’ve all heard Hello and it’s great, but When We Were Young is something else. Adele has a way of climbing into my head and heart and shaking everything up. Critics say 25 is a boring album because it’s just like the last one? I say, BRILLIANT, I loved the last one! I have so much respect for Adele and I’m in awe of her ability to be so successful without giving constant interviews or letting the media take over her life.

Wolf Alice – Matilda (alt-J cover)

I love Wolf Alice. I love alt-J. I love this cover.

Daughter – Numbers

I am always excited to hear a new single from Daughter. Everything they create is poetic, sincere and elegant.

Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets

NEW LORDE! She remains the coolest 19-year-old around.

Chvrches – Empty Threat

I’ve spoken before about how much of a fan I am of Glaswegian, synth-loving Chvrches and their new album, Every Open Eye. On Friday I will be starting my five-day birthday celebrations at their Ally Pally gig and I can’t wait. My electro dancing shoes are ready!

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The Midweek Mix – 06/05/15

I am constantly abstracting random lyrics and putting my own meaning on them, often completely out of context of the rest of the song. This week’s midweek mix is a selection of five songs that, to me, somehow relate to change, whether it’s about a fear of change or an inspiration for change.

Swim Deep – One Great Song and I Could Change the World

This new single from Swim Deep suggests a new direction for them. I wasn’t sold on it immediately, but it has grown on me. Less chipper, more intergalactic.

Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me

Sheffield-based Slow Club asking what the future holds for a relationship. Will we persevere, or will we move on?

Or will we stay forever, neither of us feeling better?
Do I find something new, or keep suffering you?

Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

A classic from Noah and the Whale, reminding us that whatever happens, life goes on.

Lorde – Ribs (Live on Letterman)

This is possibly my favourite album track from Lorde’s debut. Her whole album encapsulates the feeling of being a teenager so well, but this song in particular really captures the fear of growing up, gaining responsibilities and losing who you are.

I want it back (I want it back)
The minds we had (the minds we had).

Wolf Alice – Blush

This song has unexpectedly become one that motivates me and keeps my head up. A reminder that we can be what we want to be and do what we want to do.

Don’t chicken out, it’s all good
You’re allowed to be what you could.

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