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The Midweek Mix – 27/04/16

Your midweek hit of the best new music:

Christine and the Queens – Tilted

Already huge in France, Christine and the Queens is jumping into the public eye in the UK with a spring in her step. She has got some serious moves!

Låpsley – Love is Blind

Holly Fletcher, aka Låpsley, had already won me over with Station, but it seems after recording with the xx producer, Rodaidh McDonald, her sound is only getting better. At a mere 19 years old, she is creating some of the coolest sounding music in the UK right now.

Tangerines – You Look Like Something I Killed

Peckham-based Tangerines specialise in drawling lyrics and Americana. Catch them at Field Day this year!

Arthur Beatrice – Real Life

Real Life gives me high hopes for Arthur Beatrice’s second album, Keeping the Peace, which will be released in a month’s time. Ella Girardot’s vocals are as effortlessly beautiful as ever.

Gabriel Bruce – Metal Soul

How Gabriel Bruce released two songs in the past two months without me noticing until now is beyond me. My life has been missing his unique deep voice and signature jerky dance moves for far too long!



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The Midweek Mix – 29/04/15

Mini Mansions ft. Alex Turner – Vertigo

I saw L.A. band, Mini Mansions, supporting Royal Blood last month and felt I’d got my money’s worth before the main act had even graced the stage. They are on the way up and this bizarre video featuring Alex Turner is surely helping them get there.

Shura – Touch

How many times have I hit repeat on this track? Shura is a huge fan of Blood Orange and it shows.

Florence + The Machine – Ship to Wreck

I’m so happy that Florence is back. Forever one of my favourite artists, her lyrics always seem to tell me what I need to hear or express some vague thought I’ve been pondering for months in a way I never could. The brilliant second single from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (out in June) is about our very human tendency to build something only to destroy it.

alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

Almost a year old, and still great. Sing it together: “I’m a female rebel!”

Låpsley – Painter (Valentine)

I’ve left the real treat to the end. This is just perfection. I love the eerie music box sounds – I have always found musical jewellery boxes with their spinning ballerinas particularly haunting – and they work beautifully in this home-produced single from 17-year-old Låpsley. Ideal late night listening.

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BBC Sound of 2015 – Top Picks

With only a couple of days to go until the BBC Sound of 2015 top spot is announced, here are my top five picks from this year’s nominees:


Kwabs is 2015’s answer to Sohn. Big, soulful, bass-heavy vocals coupled with synthetic beats. A genuinely interesting sound, which is exactly what this list should be about.


The internet is all over Holly Fletcher, aka Låpsley, and for good reason. Think writing your essay in the library at 4am, think late nights at work, think staying out all night and catching the first eerily empty tube home, think sleepless nights. This is the best combination of beautiful vocals and bedroom mixing for the perfect late night atmosphere.

Rae Morris

Rae Morris has already found herself in the spotlight thanks to collaborations with Clean Bandit, but she’s now proving that she’s got her own thing going on. Disappointingly, her voice seems to be better than some of her songs, but there’s something gripping about Do You Even Know? that is screaming out potential.


Where’s Your Car Debbie? has been going around my head for months and I love it. Following in the footsteps of Drenge and Royal Blood in the current trend of ‘two men making loads of noise’, these guys are welcome to attempt to burst my eardrums whenever they please. I can’t wait to catch them live.

Wolf Alice

No surprises here! Wolf Alice have been a huge part of the soundtrack to my 2013 and 2014, and with their debut album finally on the way this year, I won’t be falling out of love with them any time soon. Once you hear Giant Peach live at one of their gigs, you will know it to be true: Wolf Alice are The Sound of 2015.

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