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The Midweek Mix – 27/04/16

Your midweek hit of the best new music:

Christine and the Queens – Tilted

Already huge in France, Christine and the Queens is jumping into the public eye in the UK with a spring in her step. She has got some serious moves!

Låpsley – Love is Blind

Holly Fletcher, aka Låpsley, had already won me over with Station, but it seems after recording with the xx producer, Rodaidh McDonald, her sound is only getting better. At a mere 19 years old, she is creating some of the coolest sounding music in the UK right now.

Tangerines – You Look Like Something I Killed

Peckham-based Tangerines specialise in drawling lyrics and Americana. Catch them at Field Day this year!

Arthur Beatrice – Real Life

Real Life gives me high hopes for Arthur Beatrice’s second album, Keeping the Peace, which will be released in a month’s time. Ella Girardot’s vocals are as effortlessly beautiful as ever.

Gabriel Bruce – Metal Soul

How Gabriel Bruce released two songs in the past two months without me noticing until now is beyond me. My life has been missing his unique deep voice and signature jerky dance moves for far too long!



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The Midweek Mix – 03/02/16 – Determination

We did it! We survived January!

What nobody tells you though, is that February can also be a bit dark and dreary. All your new year’s resolutions are long forgotten, your dreams of 2016 being “your year” are slowly slipping away and you’ve probably decided that hiding under your duvet until Spring is an adequate life plan. You are wrong.

What you really need is a determination playlist with a healthy serving of cheese. You’re welcome.

Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

This song is an instant mood changer for me. Jess Glynne forces me to get out of my seat, dance around the room and put a positive spin on whatever rubbish might have been occupying my brain before. Sure, it might be about getting together with someone rather than being a Destiny’s Child-style independent lady, but hey, you can be strong and determined with someone by your side too. The “I CAN DO THIS” feeling is undeniable.

Arthur Beatrice – Midland

This might not be an obvious choice but I have obscured the lyrics in this song so far that it has become something of a determination classic for me. Rather than the “go get ‘em” feeling of many determination songs, Midland focuses instead on being steady, calm, standing your ground, and being stronger inside than you will ever outwardly appear.
I’ll never move, I’ll never move, I’ll always be so still.
I’ll never grow, I’ll never grow, as tall and fierce as me.
Heaven knows it’s probably not what Arthur Beatrice were getting at, but it works for me.

Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

A classic! Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now brings back memories of singing along to this 80s classic at university club nights and bar extensions in a huge group of friends. Being in such a large, yet close friendship group is the closest I’ve ever felt to the “young and invincible” feeling that is always talked about. I felt like nothing could break us and I couldn’t really see past that time or imagine life post-university. It felt like everything to be there, just singing and dancing with friends.

Wolf Alice – Blush

For me, this song is all about having the confidence to turn your back on the things that make you unhappy, be who you really are, and go find your own potential.
Don’t chicken out, it’s all good, you’re allowed, to be what you could.

S Club 7 – Reach

A determination song I grew up on! This gets every 90s child jumping to the dance floor and believing that they really can reach for the stars. It’s a throwback to a time when you really did think anything was possible. You could be a firefighter on Monday, a ballerina on Tuesday and a brain surgeon on Wednesday. Go 90s you!

What are your determination classics?

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Reasons to be excited about Field Day #1 (Saturday)

WARNING: The following Field Day schedule may require a time machine.

Get down to Victoria Park early on Saturday afternoon for the wonderful Arthur Beatricewhose single Midland has been keeping me headstrong and determined for months. A fitting start to this East London weekend:

Then immediately find yourself wishing you had a time-turner to hand, because you inevitably just missed Charlotte OC’s vocal chords dancing all over Colour My Heart. But alas, with a weekend as good as this, you’re going to miss some brilliance:

Over on the main stage, you’ll then be surprised to see that Sky Ferreira is donning her sunglasses despite the British weather, and after an infamously shambolic gig in the basement of a London hotel earlier in the year, is now almost certainly on the way up. Either way, Everything is Embarrassing surely sounds fantastic as a precursor to the mighty Simian Mobile Disco, who really get the party started over at the Crack Magazine stage:

Naturally, you’re getting a bit tired after hitting out some serious moves to Audacity of Huge, so the chilled electronic beats of SOHN are very welcome:

Time to get your running shoes on, because your Field Day experience is nothing until you’ve caught Teleman, Hackney’s very own version of The Beach Boys, over at the Shacklewell Arms stage:

You are now pumped for Blood Orange, aka Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion, aka one half of Team Perfect with Florence Welch, aka all-round genius producer and writer:

And then you can even squeeze in a bit of Jamie XX before Warpaint. Yes, YOU ARE GOING TO SEE WARPAINT LIVE. You can listen to their recordings all day long, but nothing compares to their live performance. Hold onto your hats, Elephants is coming at you:

Once you’ve recovered from that, you wander on over the Shacklewell Arms stage. Inevitably, you are sad to miss Woman’s Hour but joyful at the sound of Courtney Barnett’s deadpan ramblings about growing radishes, drinking green margaritas, and touching a little tongue:

You finish the evening with a new discovery, Manchester’s MONEY, and Saturday headliners, MetronomyBop along to Love Letters until the sun goes down…

You now probably can’t wait for Sunday, right? Right.

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