The Midweek Mix – 02/09/15

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

It is imperative that we get excited about a new Taylor Swift video. Any self-respecting music fan can see that 1989 is not a guilty pleasure, it’s just absolutely perfect pop.

Foals – London Thunder

I haven’t really been hugely excited about Foals since I was obsessed with Total Life Forever quite a few years ago now, but hearing London Thunder has changed that. It’s fantastic.

Of Monsters And Men – Empire

Yep, them again! As I’m sure you’ve come to realise, I really, really love Of Monsters and Men. This week I read Emily Carroll’s Through the Woodsa magnificently creepy collection of graphic short stories with them as my soundtrack. A perfect combination.

Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

Easy-listening, jazz club-inspired hypnotism. This is Lana Del Rey at her best.

Shopping – Why Wait

My new discovery of the week! Shopping are a post-punk London band who accidentally found themselves making anti-consumerist music.

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The Midweek Mix – 26/08/15 – Florence special!

This week’s Midweek Mix is in honour of the fact that I am going to see Florence + The Machine at Ally Pally in just under a month! Florence has been one of my absolute favourites since 2008 and it has taken me 7 years to finally get around to seeing her live. I already get goosebumps at the mere thought of the gig and I am undoubtedly going to be an overexcited, grinning, crying mess by the time I actually get there!

I can’t possibly choose my favourites, but here’s a random Florence mix for your Wednesday night:

Shake It Out (Live from Radio City)

Florence was shaking it out way before T-Swizzle was shaking it off. A perfect song for shaking off stress, regrets and late night parties!

Between Two Lungs (Live at Oxegen)

I know I said that I can’t choose favourites, but if you held me at gunpoint I might be tempted to put Between Two Lungs in my top five. Wedged between Drumming Song and Cosmic Love on Lungs, it’s such a perfect segment of the album.

I Don’t Wanna Know (Mario Winans cover)

Florence can sing pretty much any song and I’ll suddenly love it. Her cover of Mario Winans is a classic example – a song I would never usually listen to suddenly finds it way to my ears and stays there on repeat for the next few months.

What Kind of Man

Florence’s songs are all very visual. I often find myself thinking of the (truly brilliant) videos that have accompanied her singles, like this great one for What Kind of Man, or unintentionally creating cinematic scenes in my head as I listen to her albums. I love the interpretative dance style of many of the HBHBHB videos.

Dogs Days Are Over (Live at Bonnaroo)

I often find myself rating music on how much it makes me want to go and run up a mountain, spin around and shout out the lyrics (in the least Julie Andrews way possible…) and Florence gets top marks for this. Her music is so energetic, and it’s part of the reason I am so excited to be going to one of her gigs. From getting people on shoulders in Rabbit Heart to her usual Dog Days Are Over routine of getting everyone jumping around as much as possible, I hope she never stops.


A special shout out to Third Eye (my current favourite track from HBHBHB) and Landscape. I really wanted to put both in the mix, but there are no official YouTube videos and we like to keep things legal here on The Midweek Mix!


2 minutes of Florence singing along to En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go. Is the best thing to ever happen?

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The Midweek Mix – 19/08/15

Of Monsters and Men – Empire

I am still loving everything I hear from Beneath the Skin. I’d love them to make these great black and white videos for the whole album.

Chvrches – Never Ending Circles

Another track from Chvrches’ new album out in September. This one’s definitely a grower.

Hinds – Chili Town

Spanish band Hinds admittedly sound a little screechy over this seemingly laid-back tune, but it works perfectly with the lyrics:
I am flirting with this guy, just to pretend I’m fine.
Saliva mixed with lies.

Pixx – Fall In

Pixx, a 19-year-old Brit school graduate, is definitely one to watch.

Baby Strange – Trouble

Glaswegian trio, Baby Strange, have a sort of accessible grittiness to them that really appeals. I can see them becoming a new favourite.

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The Midweek Mix – 12/08/15

Here are the five songs you need to hear this week:

Chvrches – Leave a Trace

I have high hopes for Chvrches’ new album. Leave A Trace didn’t blow me away on first listen but it has slowly crept into my mind and taken camp there. They’ve just announced their biggest London gig to date – at Ally Pally – and I really hope to be there.

Kid Wave – Honey

I discovered Kid Wave at Tramlines and they should definitely be seen live. They are an incredibly tight band and I was bopping along as if I’d been listening to them for years.

Disclosure – Omen ft. Sam Smith

It was never going to live up to Latch, but this is another great collaboration from Disclosure and Sam Smith that you can expect to hear on repeat in every shopping centre up and down the UK.

Slaves – Sockets

We all know that I love Slaves. My boyfriend has been singing the lyrics “It wasn’t her fault, she made sugar taste like salt” on a loop for the last month and yet I still haven’t got bored of hearing Sockets and watching the slightly gross, slightly mad and slightly genius video. They are the face of British punk in 2015.

Stealing Sheep – Not Real

After missing Stealing Sheep at Field Day, I was very glad to catch them at Tramlines. All my initial hesitation (primarily a result of their more ‘quirky’ videos) was quickly thrown to the side during their first song. Again, definitely a band that need to be seen live to be fully appreciated, but Not Real captures something of what I love about them.

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The Midweek Mix – 05/08/15 – 90s Revival

I spent the Sunday night of Tramlines festival at legendary venue, The Leadmill, where I saw some of my very first gigs as a teen. Already in a slightly nostalgic mood, I was thrown back even further when Catatonia’s 1998 hit, Road Rage, started playing in between sets. I was happily sang along to the whole thing and had a moment of realisation: I still really love the 90s.

So, in honour of this revelation, here are five recent-ish (and very diverse) songs inspired by the 90s:

M.O – Dance On My Own

This song is so 90s it might as well be the Saved By the Bell theme tune. Girl bands are officially back, and M.O are playing up to everything 90s from the typical ‘man left me standing on my own’ lyrics to the sampling of a classic garage hit. It always gets me dancing without fail.

Wavves – Demon to Lean On

There’s a definite sound of 90s indie rock in Wavves.

Kiesza – Hideaway

Kiesza’s viral video for Hideaway is packed full of 90s dance moves and house sounds.

Darlia – Stars Are Aligned

Darlia really represent the shinier side of 90s American rock.

Becky G – Shower

Finally, a song that should never be recommended to anyone with high musical standards, but that I love all the same. And this is really the reason for its inclusion on this list. I spent much of the 90s listening to slightly terrible pop, but slightly terrible pop that made me very, very happy. This song inexplicably puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Yes, even despite her squeaky chipmunk voice.

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The Midweek Mix – 29/07/15

Lots of new music for you this week!

Okay Kaya – Clenched Teeth

Master of the gradual build, Norwegian Okay Kaya quietly creeps up on you with her moving songwriting.

Swim Deep – Grand Affection

Swim Deep’s new single brings out the synths and continues to convince me that their second album will be far more diverse in genre than the first.

Blood Red Shoes – Speech Coma

Banned by MTV for being far too gory, this video may be uncomfortable viewing, but is a perfect fit for the unsettling Speech Coma.

MS MR – Criminals

I find myself in a constant love/hate relationship with MS MR, but Criminals is addictive, easy-listening.

Cattle & Cane – Skies

A new Cattle & Cane single is always exciting, and Skies does not disappoint.

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The Midweek Mix – 22/07/15 – Tramlines Special

I’m escaping to my hometown of Sheffield this weekend for Tramlines festival. Here are five reyt good acts not to miss if you’re headed there too. Now get me a bottle of Hendo’s and I’ll be on my way.

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Nowhere to Run

Motown legend, Martha Reeves, is hitting the Tramlines main stage at age 74 and I cannot wait. I’m even willing to sacrifice seeing Slow Club for her! Nowhere to Run is an absolute classic and I’ve had it in my head ever since it was announced she’d be playing.

Ghostpoet – Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me

Ghostpoet is the first act of the weekend and I’m really excited to see him live. He’s a great experimenter, and an even better storyteller.

Slaves – Feed the Mantaray

Slaves are simultaneously hilarious and brilliant. Their sets always look so fun and I fully intend to display some mantaray dance moves in the crowd.

Basement Jaxx – Oh My Gosh

Our Saturday night headliners are going to throw me right back to my teenage years. The part of my brain still stuck in 2005 can remember all the words to Oh My Gosh and the accompanying dance moves that my friend and I created. It might take more than a couple of drinks for those moves to be revealed on Saturday night though…

Kate Tempest – Circles

Kate Tempest is a poet, playwright and rapper. Her spoken word performances are incredible and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the stage on Sunday.

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The Midweek Mix – 15/07/15

Made Violent – You Had It Easy

It has just been announced that Made Violent are supporting Wolf Alice on their September UK tour, along with the mighty Drenge. On first listen, I’m thinking they’re going to be a great start to the weekend.

Father John Misty – The Suburbs

Everyone is raving about this Arcade Fire cover this week. Rightly so.

Yak – Cumberland Gap

Another cover, this time of a song I’d never heard before. This is ten minutes of Yak at their psychedelic, frenzied best and it’s like nothing else out there at the moment.

Shura – White Light

New material from Shura is always a good thing. Glad to hear her getting some serious airtime on Radio 1 recently.

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)

Because one Arcade Fire song is never enough.

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The Midweek Mix – 01/07/15 – Glastonbury Highlights

This week’s Midweek Mix is dedicated to the wonder that is Worthy Farm! Here are my top ten Glastonbury 2015 sets:

Jungle – Platoon
Jungle are a great festival band, and the child breakdancer made them even more entertaining than usual.

Patti Smith – People Have the Power
In a set very similar to the one I saw at Field Day, Patti Smith took us back to a time when music felt more revolutionary! She seemed very at home at Glastonbury.

Wolf Alice – Bros
Fresh from their debut album release, Wolf Alice delivered a more confident performance than last year’s John Peel Stage set, complete with plenty of crowd surfing!

Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This
There’s something about seeing so many people moving together that always gives me the goosebumps!

Slaves – The Hunter
Slaves are just hilarious.

Florence + The Machine – Ship to Wreck
It was great to see Florence bounding around the stage again, post-foot injury, and I loved her shout out to Dave Grohl in the form of a Times Like These cover.

Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever
I almost broke my toe dancing around my room to Not Nineteen Forever during Glasto 2014, and they delivered another fun set this year!

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were
A very calm but powerful performance from Ben Howard.

The Chemical Brothers – Saturate
Not my usual taste, but I remain totally mesmerised by The Chemical Brothers’ light show.

The Who – My Generation
Bringing Sunday night to a close, you can’t really go wrong with The Who… even all these years later!

The Midweek Mix will be taking a little break next week, but you can get your weekly music fix watching the full Glastonbury sets over on iPlayer!

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The Midweek Mix – 24/06/15 – Best Albums of 2015 (so far!)

We’re halfway through 2015, so this week’s Midweek Mix is dedicated to my favourite albums of the year so far!

Wolf Alice – Freazy
From My Love is Cool

Florence + The Machine – What Kind of Man
From How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Brandon Flowers – Lonely Town
From The Desired Effect

Slaves – Live Like an Animal
From Are You Satisfied?

Drenge – Running Wild
From Undertow

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