The Midweek Mix – 26/08/15 – Florence special!

This week’s Midweek Mix is in honour of the fact that I am going to see Florence + The Machine at Ally Pally in just under a month! Florence has been one of my absolute favourites since 2008 and it has taken me 7 years to finally get around to seeing her live. I already get goosebumps at the mere thought of the gig and I am undoubtedly going to be an overexcited, grinning, crying mess by the time I actually get there!

I can’t possibly choose my favourites, but here’s a random Florence mix for your Wednesday night:

Shake It Out (Live from Radio City)

Florence was shaking it out way before T-Swizzle was shaking it off. A perfect song for shaking off stress, regrets and late night parties!

Between Two Lungs (Live at Oxegen)

I know I said that I can’t choose favourites, but if you held me at gunpoint I might be tempted to put Between Two Lungs in my top five. Wedged between Drumming Song and Cosmic Love on Lungs, it’s such a perfect segment of the album.

I Don’t Wanna Know (Mario Winans cover)

Florence can sing pretty much any song and I’ll suddenly love it. Her cover of Mario Winans is a classic example – a song I would never usually listen to suddenly finds it way to my ears and stays there on repeat for the next few months.

What Kind of Man

Florence’s songs are all very visual. I often find myself thinking of the (truly brilliant) videos that have accompanied her singles, like this great one for What Kind of Man, or unintentionally creating cinematic scenes in my head as I listen to her albums. I love the interpretative dance style of many of the HBHBHB videos.

Dogs Days Are Over (Live at Bonnaroo)

I often find myself rating music on how much it makes me want to go and run up a mountain, spin around and shout out the lyrics (in the least Julie Andrews way possible…) and Florence gets top marks for this. Her music is so energetic, and it’s part of the reason I am so excited to be going to one of her gigs. From getting people on shoulders in Rabbit Heart to her usual Dog Days Are Over routine of getting everyone jumping around as much as possible, I hope she never stops.


A special shout out to Third Eye (my current favourite track from HBHBHB) and Landscape. I really wanted to put both in the mix, but there are no official YouTube videos and we like to keep things legal here on The Midweek Mix!


2 minutes of Florence singing along to En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go. Is the best thing to ever happen?

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