The Midweek Mix – 05/08/15 – 90s Revival

I spent the Sunday night of Tramlines festival at legendary venue, The Leadmill, where I saw some of my very first gigs as a teen. Already in a slightly nostalgic mood, I was thrown back even further when Catatonia’s 1998 hit, Road Rage, started playing in between sets. I was happily sang along to the whole thing and had a moment of realisation: I still really love the 90s.

So, in honour of this revelation, here are five recent-ish (and very diverse) songs inspired by the 90s:

M.O – Dance On My Own

This song is so 90s it might as well be the Saved By the Bell theme tune. Girl bands are officially back, and M.O are playing up to everything 90s from the typical ‘man left me standing on my own’ lyrics to the sampling of a classic garage hit. It always gets me dancing without fail.

Wavves – Demon to Lean On

There’s a definite sound of 90s indie rock in Wavves.

Kiesza – Hideaway

Kiesza’s viral video for Hideaway is packed full of 90s dance moves and house sounds.

Darlia – Stars Are Aligned

Darlia really represent the shinier side of 90s American rock.

Becky G – Shower

Finally, a song that should never be recommended to anyone with high musical standards, but that I love all the same. And this is really the reason for its inclusion on this list. I spent much of the 90s listening to slightly terrible pop, but slightly terrible pop that made me very, very happy. This song inexplicably puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Yes, even despite her squeaky chipmunk voice.

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