The Midweek Mix – 20/05/15

This week’s Midweek Mix is for a chilled Wednesday evening:

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

I rarely find myself listening to the whole-song adverts that YouTube has started putting before videos, but I easily refrained from hitting skip when I heard Leon Bridges’ soulful sound. He’s been on Jools Holland this week, so I definitely recommend catching him on the extended Later… with Jools Holland on Friday night.

Florence + Machine – Delilah

The official audio for this new track from How Big How Blue How Beautiful was released yesterday and I’ve been playing it on a constant loop ever since. Delilah sounds really fresh, but still has that essential Florence-ness!

Box of Light – Falling

I discovered Box of Light at the very start of 2014, when I was inevitably wrapped up in that ‘this will be such a fantastic year’ feeling. As it happens, it actually was a really good year, so Falling always feels very hopeful and positive for me.

Brandon Flowers – Still Want You

Okay, put your hands up if you’re incredibly excited about seeing Mr Brandon Flowers play Brixton Academy tomorrow so don’t really care if you’re getting repetitive by including him in your Midweek Mix two weeks running…

…*raises hands*

Swim Deep – She Changes the Weather

A bit of a classic chill out song for me, and probably remains my favourite song from Swim Deep.

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