The Midweek Mix – 13/05/15

Here are the five songs you need to hear this week:

Cattle & Cane – Come Home

I was obsessed with Sold My Soul back in 2012, so I’m very glad to see some new material from these Teesside siblings. With their debut album out in the autumn, this might just be their year.

Brandon Flowers – Lonely Town

Brandon Flowers seems to have really found his solo sound with his second album and is drawing on classic 80s hits and his beloved Pet Shop Boys for some electro-inspiration. I am loving synth-filled Lonely Town.

Peace – Gen Strange

Despite being released back in February, the funky Gen Strange is going to sound so good in the sun. Watch out for Peter Crouch in the video.

Slaves – Cheer Up London

Slaves’ video appropriately appeared online last Friday when there were many post-election glum faces on the tube.

Cheer up London! Mind the gap!

Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

I adore Of Monsters and Men’s first album and I’m so excited for their second. The beautiful vocals coming out of the bearded man in this video send shivers down my spine. Wonderful.

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