Reasons to be excited about Field Day #2 (Sunday)

So you’ve had a fantastic Saturday and are wondering what musical delights will greet you on Sunday? Look no further:

1. The Wytches

Heavy surf-psych rolling out of Brighton sets the mood for Sunday.

2. Pond

Keeping up the psychedelic feel, it’s Australian band Pond for fans of Tame Impala. Too cool.

3. Temples

Do you feel like you’ve stepped into a kaleidoscope yet? Time for retro Temples.

4. Drenge

The cure to any sleepy Sunday afternoon and an overdose of psychedelia, the true sound of grunge in 2014 is brought to you through the medium of Drenge. With previous gigs being described as ‘an organised riot’, you better come prepared for some serious crowd action. These Castleton brothers are going to be wild.

5. The Horrors

It’s been a dream of mine to see The Horrors ever since I read about them throwing black paint at their crowds in NME as a teenager. While I expect there will be a serious lack of paint involved and (much to my disappointment) their hair has drastically decreased in size since 2006, they should put on quite a show.

6. Future Islands

A relatively new discovery for me, let’s hope the sun shines for the beautiful sound of Future Islands

7. Pixies

Finally, the conclusion to the weekend comes in the form of Pixies. Get ready to shout ‘where is my mind?’ with all your lung power.

Tickets still available from I promise they didn’t pay me to say that, I just want to party with you.

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