Jake Downs and all the changes.

It has been five months since I hailed Jake Downs as my ‘Next Big Thing’ and we finally have a second song from him:

A lot can change in five months. And a lot has changed in five months. But my enthusiasm for Jake Downs’ ethereal and rich sound hasn’t drifted in the slightest. This B-side to Seize the Water is wonderful.

Since October I have gone from unemployed to employed, from Sheffielder to Londoner and from unfulfilled to slightly overwhelmed. I’ve gone from a period of ‘waithood’ (as so brilliantly described by the wonderful emilieofnewgloom on YouTube) to a period of craziness. Of learning a new trade, of adjusting to a new home and of becoming familiar with the ways of the terrifying rush hour tube. It’s overwhelming and exhausting. But it’s also really exciting.

I’ve realised that when I get overwhelmed by these changes, I often lose touch of the things that keep me grounded and happy. As readers of A to Z Albums will know, when I first started university I completed stopped listening to any of the music I’d listened to at home. Whilst nothing quite so extreme has happened during this move, I haven’t made much time in between all the new things, for the things that I will always love and that keep me stable and happy. The simple things. Letting myself get engrossed in an album. Reading the Sunday newspaper. Escaping into a good novel. Watching a terribly cheesy romcom. Writing.

So thank you, Jake Downs, for reminding me that whilst a lot of things have changed since October, most things haven’t. I still love a good song. I still love playing it on repeat for hours on end. I still love getting that evangelical zeal.

I still intend to grab hold of the impossible and seize the water.

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