5 Christmas songs you might not know…

So it’s that time of year again. The chances are you fall into one of two camps:

1) December has finally arrived but you’ve already spent the last two months hearing Mariah Carey and Wizzard on repeat in shopping centres around the country. You are haunted by Noddy Holder screaming “IT’S CHRISTMAAAAS!” everywhere you go and you’ve quite simply had enough.

2) You simply can’t get enough. CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS!

Either way, I have the solution. Five new Christmas songs you won’t have heard on repeat for the last two months. Whether it’s to replace the Christmas classics which are driving you insane or simply to extend that beloved festive playlist, these are the five songs you need to hear:

Beneath the Snow – The Gentlemen with Philippa Hanna

I fell in love with this song when it was released last December. Nicholas’ voice works beautifully with Philippa’s and the Christmas jumper-filled, snowflake-decorated, candlelit video only adds to the magic. The Gentlemen’s Christmas album, also titled Beneath the Snow, was released on 3 December this year. Check it out!

Christmas TV – Slow Club

There are so many brilliant Christmas songs by Slow Club. I look forward to listening to Christmas TV every year and it’s now firmly established as one of my all-time favourite Christmas songs!

Happy Christmas, I Suppose – Ardie Collins

With 624 subscribers, YouTuber Ardie Collins isn’t as well-known as he should be. He’s uploaded quite a few Christmas songs over the past couple of years and they make a great antidote to an overdose of Mel & Kim. There’s Always Christmas is another of my favourites.

I Feel It in My Bones – The Killers

The Killers have released a Christmas single every year since 2006 to raise money for (RED). Whilst they don’t make me feel particularly festive, they’re really fun and for a great cause. This year’s single, I Feel It in My Bones, features a revenge-seeking Santa.

Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis – Tom Waits

Arguably, this is not really a Christmas song. I’d happily listen to it at any time of year and it’s certainly not filled with festive cheer. However, Tom Waits is brilliant and this is the perfect song to feed to anyone you know who complains about the excessively cheesy music at this time of year!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Coming soon: 5 Covers of Christmas songs you might not know!

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