Why am I here?

For once, I am not asking this question in a philosophical sense.

Blogging is very much a phenomenon of the 21st century. To some extent I think blogging is brilliant; it’s a chance for everyone to have a voice. I worry, however, about the effect of us all seeming to believe that we immediately deserve a platform for our opinions and whether the sheer volume of voices will drown out the voices which could be the most inspiring, interesting or entertaining. Similarly, the immediacy of blogging means that it is often very unedited and things which could be brilliant are mediocre because of the lack of time spent on them.

But that’s enough pessimism. Clearly I think the positives outweigh the negatives because here I am, blogging away.

I intend for this to be a place for my rambles on various topics. Edwin Schlossberg once said that ‘the skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think’.  I know very little about Edwin Schlossberg but even through that fifteen word quote I believe he successfully created a context in which I could think. If I were similarly capable of producing a space which encouraged thought to any extent, I believe I would be very happy.


2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Suzie Bee says:

    Are you planning to ever blog again or is your debut also to be your finale?

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